Pines - Blake Crouch Pines is about a U.S. Secret Service agent, Ethan Burke, who wakes up in a hospital after a car accident in a place called Whispering Pines. He's having a hard time remembering details of his life, things like his home phone number and his wife's name. Of course it doesn't help that no one seems to be able to find his wallet or his phone and he has no money.
Don't worry this is not a Bourne Identity trip but altogether much more riveting, a superb mystery thriller with a touch of sci-fi to end.
From the beginning everything is filled with mystery and you get the feeling that something is wrong, very wrong and when he eventually remembers he's investigating the disappearance of two fellow Secret Service agents he goes to the town sheriff for assistance. To say the sheriff is less than helpful would be an understatement and throughout you can sense that something is not quite right, even with the townsfolk. Everyone seems all too pleasant in a quirky kind of way. Also he can't seem to get in touch with anyone from the world outside Whispering Pines, not his wife or his boss.
His investigation never really gets off the ground, he is not getting answers to the questions he is asking and before he knows it, he is running for his life. Ethan feels such despair that he just wants out of Whispering Pines, the one thing he can't seem to do.
A relatively short read but completely enthralling, its compelling reading as Ethan's world disintegrates around him and the end reveal is done exceptionally well.
The story is suspenseful, riveting and a gripping page turner, highly recommended.
I am a first time reader of Mr. Crouch's and I am really impressed by his writing. I will certainly be reading more from this author.

The book had me desperately trying to recall what film it reminded me of but I could not think of anything specific, probably because its that fast paced it reads like watching a movie. Also this is to be turned into a TV series, Fox has ordered 10 to 12 episodes and hopes to debut the pilot in 2014 directed by M. Night Shyamalan, if done right this book is perfect for TV.