Mockingbird - Chuck Wendig Mockingbird is the second book in the Miriam Black series, picking up a year after the events of blackbirds.

Miriam and Louis have settled in New Jersey into a semi 'normal' life, Louis is driving the long hauls gone for weeks at a time and Miriam works at a seaside resort supermarket. A boring, mundane job that finds Miriam wearing gloves to harness her ability/curse, when finally she gets sacked and is just about to hightail it out of there, she 'sees' the death of her boss and a number of customers at the hands of a psycho with a gun. Fate and destiny averted, the old Miriam is back, itching to get back on the road with no ties.

Louise arranges a 'reading' with an old teacher friend of his, Katey, who thinks she is dying from a terminal illness. Whilst at the school for troubled teens, Miriam touches a young girl, Lauren and see's her murder at the hands of a brutal serial killer, troubled by this she later touches a second girl who's outcome is the mirror of Lauren.
Miriam investigates further and becomes intent on saving the girls and finding the killer.

An excellent second novel in the series and the 'reveal' is very well done, with the scale of the murders bordering on the insane.
We get to see more of Miriams past and the supernatural side of the visions/dreams she has is expanded further, making the book even darker if that was possible.
A slight change in tact with Mockingbird compared with the first book, we don't get POV chapters from the bad guy's as its all saved for the moment when everything is revealed to the reader and for me this didn't make the book as fast paced or compelling as Blackbirds, that said the last quarter of the book is fantastic.
There is alot more focus on Miriam however, which could never be a bad thing as she is one of the most engaging and strong characters I have read about.
The black humour and excellent characterisation coupled with a fantastic lead character make this a highly recommended series and I look forward to the next Miriam Black novel.