From Man to Man

From Man to Man - D.E.M. Emrys From Man to Man is a short story introducing the character Draven, a man trying to leave his violent past behind him and settle into a normal village life with his wife and child. He does not have much success with the various jobs undertaken until offered a protection detail looking after the local tax collector with the village huntsman Shrike. The coin offered is to much for him to turn down and he grudgingly accepts the commission. With the tax collectors work done, they escort him from the village only to be confronted by bandits, Draven puts his axe to good use and the bandits are driven off. The style of writing is very good and I will certainly look out for It Began With Ashes, of which the prologue is also included. As always when reading a good quality short story, you immediately wish for more - lets hope we don't have to wait to long.