C.R.O.W. - Phillip Richards Andy Moralee is a C.R.O.W, a combat replacement of war or a new recruit in the Union Dropship Infantry.
The Union is the collaboration between the Europeans and the Russians, New Earth is the first planet to be colonised in the Alpha Centauri system 300 years ago, heralded as the dawn of European influence in space.

New Earth is currently inhabited by the Chinese as the Union was cast out during the infamous betrayal when the Chinese turned their backs on the Allies and forced the Union off the planet. Technically the Union and the Chinese have been at war since the betrayal, but barely a shot has been fired in anger as both sides prepare, building their strength for the next move. And if the Union defeat the Chinese she would become a true colonial power in the eyes of the world.

Moralee is stationed on the Challenger undergoing intensive training, beatings at the hands of bullies and finding it very difficult to make any friends as C.R.O.W.s are held in such low regard by everyone.
As a drop ship trooper Moralee has to face extremely low survival rates as we are told once, twice or maybe even half a dozen times that '1 in 3 drop ships were destroyed by enemy fire'.

Well written, realistic and gritty, this is a harrowing tale as many of Moralee's troop succumb to enemy fire. Conditions are shocking as battles take place in the trenches around the massive greenhouses, in a city and the excellently described altercations underground in the warrens. I've read books with better tech and weapons but its worth reading for Moralee's personnel battles and his rise to a battle hardened veteran, 2nd in command of his unit.
Overall worth the £2 on kindle