Mage's Blood

Mage's Blood - David Hair Mage's blood starts off a little slowly, however once you get a feel for the cultures, the politics, the magic and the lay of the land it jumps in excitement into an excellent story
Magi are born of Mage’s Blood and the purer the blood the stronger the mage, Elena is a powerful mage and a skilled fighter in the pay of her former lover, Gurvon Gyle, tasked to protect the Javon monarch and his family. She grows close to those she is protecting and starts to believe that she has found a home. When the order comes for the assassination of the monarchy she rebels and thwarts Gyle's plans and effectively brings a death sentence on her head.
Alaron is a quarter blood. He has enough power to wield the Gnosis but he can never be as strong as the pure bloods that bully him through college. Thankfully it is nearly exam time and he will soon be free from college and a true mage in his own right, provided he gets through this first of many trials.
Every twelve years the Leviathan Bridge opens joining two lands and two cultures. Antonin Meiros and his allies created the bridge in the time of the first crusade and his actions doomed a nation. Now, seventeen years since the revolt, the third crusade is within sight. The months count down at an ever increasing pace, the Moontide approaches and the world’s fate rests on three unlikely heroes.
The story is told from the viewpoint of three main protagonists and several other key characters, all are excellent but it is the detail and depth of the story that captures the imagination. Building up to a tense finale, the author has left the story at a perfect point where you feel the strong desire to see how the story threads progress and how the main characters overcome their current predicaments.
This novel has a wonderful Epic scale and I for one look forward to the next instalment.