Child of the Ghosts

Child of the Ghosts - Jonathan Moeller Downloaded this book free, mainly due to the cover and the promise of violence aplenty.
What you get is a relatively fast paced read, decent characters and the story is ok to. We follow Caina from an early age as her family life is destroyed by an evil necromancer with plans of immortality, Caina is rescued by the ghosts, the emperors spies and assassins. Taken in she is trained in everything from combat to disguise for many years until finally initiated as a fully fledged ghost.
Ending in a final battle with the necromancer who tortured her as a child, you can guess where this is going but its still interesting actually getting there.
The world building is sparse as the story centres on the characters and its a simple read, not to many different plot lines and the grammar/action scenes etc seem aimed at the YA market with no swearing or graphic violence. With being such a quick read I would definitely consider the rest of the series as Caina could develop into an exceptional character.