Chimera (The Subterrene War)

Chimera (The Subterrene War) - T.C. McCarthy The final book of the the subterrene war trilogy and another gritty read. The war in Kazakhstan is over, Stan Resnick a veteren soldier is employed by special operations to hunt and kill escaped germline soldiers and harbours an intense hatred for the non human's.
Margaret is one of the germlines to escape from the war to Thailand, where the spoiling process is reversed and in return she and the other germlines swear allegiance to the king of Thailand.
Margaret is revered by all the germlines as there leader both spiritually and their commander in battle. Stan's mission is to hunt this Germline, he needs to obtain her cooperation in his hunt for Dr. Chen a renegade genetic scientist.
The Thai germlines are engaged in jungle warfare with the Chinese to stop an invasion also dealing with the genetic abominations that the Chinese have produced and Stan has to get in the thick of all the action.
The final jungle setting brings back memories of Hollywood Vietnam movies, coupled with the authors vivid world building and technical advancements makes for another fantastic read.
Stan is another intense character who is so psychologically damaged that he is not safe back in civilian population and realises that he can never return to a 'normal' life, yet one of his primary goals is to secure the future of his wife's son from an affair to give him a life where the choices are his own. His hatred and prejudices at the battlefront are questioned and his own allegiances turn during his confrontation with Magaret and the other germline's - a roller coaster ride of violence and emotions see Stan finally embark on a path more befitting.
A fitting end to the trilogy and I look forward to more from the author, maybe even a welcome return to the subterrene world.