Zero Point

Zero Point - Neal Asher A 3.5 Rating.
Zero point is the second novel in the Owner trilogy and the supporting cast take centre stage as Alan Saul is badly injured in a failed assassination attempt.

On Earth the Committee’s rule has been decimated by Saul’s attack leaving them leaderless and in total disarray, the Zero asset population now threaten the planet and the remaining Committee members are immediately under threat. Out of the ashes rises a new dictator, Serene Galahad who takes the position of evil antagonist with a barbaric flourish, she has not a shred of conscience and kills everything in her way. Victims include the entire Zero asset population, all with id implants, anyone who disappoints the new leader including her own father and all other major rivals, after all she has the perfect person to blame.

The introduction of Galahad goes some way to making up for the inactivity of the unconscious Alan Saul for the majority of the book but he lays plans that bear fruition as he recovers. The Argos space station that Saul now runs hosts the vitally important genebank, the chance to recreate and replenish earths fading existence and Galahad sends the only resources available to capture both Alan Saul and the genebank seeds.

Life on Mars is about to get very uncomfortable for Saul’s sister Var, earths reach is far indeed, Galahad sows the seeds and Var’s role as base leader is under threat, she knows nothing of her brothers journey but that is certainly about to change.

The story flows well amid Ashers usual flawless tech descriptions and destructive violence, Saul is a likeable protagonist but as the story progresses he struggles to maintain his grip on humanity as his mind functions with the methodical precision of a supercomputer. Galahad is almost the perfect villain, a dictator who is dead set on saving the planet by killing as many as she can in this overpopulated world. I enjoyed Zero point but just not as much as the first novel in the Owner trilogy The Departure but I shall definitely read the last book Jupiter War.