Blades of Winter

Blades of Winter - G.T. Almasi This is a highly enjoyable, action packed book that reads extremely quickly with a relentless pace and a not to complicated plot. Our protagonist is Alix a 19 year old spy who is like the female Jack Bauer on acid, spy is perhaps the wrong word as where ever she goes she leaves a path of devastation, destruction and a body count resembling a basketball score board.
The world building is good set around 30 years ago, yet with technology from far in the future. The world is run by the superpowers USA, Russia, China & Germany. These four nations are supposedly at peace with each other however on a covert level they strive to wipe each other out. This covert warfare is known as Shadowstorm and is carried out by agents known as "Levels" who have been given bio-medical/mechanical upgrades and other advancements making them superhuman.
When a much higher level calls in sick, Alix causes a clerical error and gets assigned the job. The task involves tailing a former Russian Level however all hell breaks loose when Alix is fired upon by a Russians protector and soon enough things descend into all out chaos. This horrible mix up is then rectified as Alix gets a dressing down from her superiors about her disastrous mission, things however aren't finished as she learns that there was much more to that incident than just a mix-up and things have a way of being connected to her past namely her missing dad. The investigation is re-opened, heralding the start of a thrilling journey as a plot to sabotage the worlds oil supply is uncovered.
There are many stand out moments in the book but the best has to be Alix in pursuit of a foreign level jumping off the Eiffel Tower without a parachute, catching him, digging her augmented hand into his collarbone and pulling his parachute chord. She is impulsive, emotionally unstable and a borderline psychotic killing machine, but you can't help loving this character to bits.
This is an excellent debut novel and I look forward to the next book in the series.