Control Point

Control Point - Myke Cole A 3.5 Rating.
Control Point is a military come urban fantasy set in present times, although much of the action takes place in a parallel realm at the source of the magic now inflicting the world and the people in it.
The tale follows the modern US armed forces whose ranks are supplemented by the SOC or the Supernatural Operations Corps, a division of magically gifted soldiers. The power of the gifted or the Latent as they are known in the story range from the control of basic elements such as the weather, the earth, fire and water. To the ability to fly, mend flesh, suppress another's magical ability, control animals and the more rare and much sought after abilities of reanimating the dead and portamancy or creating portals to move anywhere at will.

The story's protagonist is Oscar Britton a military officer and we join him in an operation with a SOC team sent to take out two latent teenagers, illegally using their magic at a school. Oscar does all he can to prevent bloodshed but is left feeling hollow as the power of those around him leave him unable to effect the outcome and he can't understand the need of the SOC team to end the lives of the children harnessing an untrained and deadly ability.

After the mission Oscar's world is turned upside down as his own latency erupts, he can't control it and seeing the way the SOC deal with latent's he decides the only way to save his life is to run.

Oscar is a likable but flawed character, his indecisiveness can be annoying as his allegiances constantly change from abhorring his situation and wanting to escape the military, to revelling in his new ability to do some good and then back again as the wind changes direction. Come on make your mind up.

Every review of this book praises it and I read it due to it being highly recommended by a lot of reviewers I follow. The action is immense and the ending bought a satisfactory conclusion to the story, both the military and magical sides of the story were handled superbly. However I never really bought into the lead character and there were to many stereotypical roles for my liking, the bullying sergeant major character, the impressionable teenager, the tall dark handsome lead man and his love interest to name a few.
There is a lot of potential here for a debut novel though and I will definitely read the second novel but it won't be at the top of my to read pile.