A Dance of Death

A Dance of Death - David Dalglish The final novel in the trilogy and in my opinion the best of the three. While there is no Thren, the story changes location to Angleport and this is a welcome change along with the introduction of the Elves. The skilled opponent for the watcher in this novel is the wraith who is built up right to the end as being the quicker swordsman with magical skills and you begin to wonder how the watcher will defeat the wraith.
Haern's inner soul is tested to the core as he is forced to re-examine his beliefs at the hands of the wraith, there are betrayals, surprises and by the end of the book you want to read more of Haern. He is now one of my favourite characters up there with the bloody nine(abercrombie), the painted man and the prince of thorns.
Equally good in this novel as the others is the action sequences, there are not many out there that describe the duelling as well as David Dalglish and the story lines are also well thought out and interesting.
Conclusion - a highly recommended trilogy and I shall definitely be purchasing the half orc series