The Forge of Darkness

The Forge of Darkness - Steven Erikson As a big fan of the Malazan novels I was interested to see where the author went with this new series, set in the Tiste land of Kharkanas. The story centres on the civil strife caused by the various factions of the Tiste legion who are struggling to cope now war is at an end eventually leading to turmoil and civil war. The legion commander and hero of the people, Vatha Urusander, is being promoted by his followers to take Mother Dark's hand in marriage, but her Consort, Lord Draconus, stands in the way of such ambitions.
Forge of Darkness takes us back millennia into the past, before the elder gods, before dragons and the warrens. There are plenty of characters featured who we are familiar such as the Sons of Darkness, Draconus, and Scara Bandaris unfortunately the story is not told from there perspectives but characters around them. Draconus and Anomander have massive 'screen presence' and are two of my favourite characters, Draconus is featured heavily but Anomander not so and he along with Silchas Ruin could have had more part to play in the story but I guess they will feature more in the coming novels. Also nice to meet younger versions of characters such as Spinnock Durav, Sandalath Drukorlat, Osserc and Orfantal.
You have to work hard to follow all the stories and the many characters involved and these books are never a fast read but it is certainly worth the effort, the coming novels certainly promise much and many questions should be answered.