Heir of Novron

Heir of Novron - Michael J. Sullivan A fitting conclusion to the Riyria Revelations, Wintertide brings the end of the regents and Modina rises to become the true empress. Just as you think the story is coming to a happy ending the elves attack the empire and the world descends into chaos.
The leading characters embark on a quest to find the lost city of Percepliquis and recover the horn of Novron, the true heir is revealed and new identities come to forefront. Ending in an epic duel and the near death of our two heroes Hadrian & Royce.
Royce's story arc is exceptional and Hadrian / Arista finally come together, in fact all the characters are fantastic, there are twists and turns right up the end.
Everything is written so well, the relationships are magnificent and you can engage with all of the characters so easily and so well. There's never a dull moment either, there are times where it isn't all action, but you will never have a reason to want to put the book down because Mr Sullivan plays with your emotions so well.
The greatest compliment I can give is that these novels actually bought tears and joy to my heart and to say this is one of the best books I have read is an understatement.