The Dusk Watchman

The Dusk Watchman - Tom Lloyd, Todd Lockwood This has been one of my favorite series since I started reading fantasy novels, highly recommended for lots of reasons. We have gods, mortal aspects of the gods, vampires, mages, skilled & brutal warriors, dragons, daemons, traitors galore, religious sects and larger than life humans with extreme capabilities called white eyes. That's probably just the half of it as well, coupled with exceptional characters and storey lines this series covers the lot.
As a series finale this stands above most and the final battle as the shadow ascends to godhood is wonderful reading.
This is an easy read and many thanks for the recap at the start, continuing on this is a dark, grim novel, all of our heroes bare deep scars both mentally and physically from the journey so far . Filled with twists, turns, unlikely traitors and violence at every turn - If you've not read this series then now is the perfect time and you definitely wont be disappointed.
If you're a fan of the Game of thrones series, but wished for something a little more grittier and violent this is for you. I look forward to what Tom Lloyds imagination can produce next.