The Lovers

The Lovers - John Connolly It’s been close to five years since I last touched on John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series and now after rereading The Lovers, I am most definitely kicking myself for forgetting, and diversifying from one of my favourite authors and series of books.

The Lovers sees Charlie working in a bar after having his PI license revoked, he decides to investigate the haunting suicide of his father an NYPD cop who shot an unarmed couple and followed it up by killing himself.

He also has a reporter who is determined to write a book about the traumatic events that have occurred during his life and his apparent role as an avenging angel, and also a spate of unexplained killings.

The Lovers is the intensely personnel story of Charlie Parker’s family, demons from the past and hints at what lies behind him, what lies in his future and the unseen network looking out for him from the shadows. One of the stand out moments of this book is the conversation between Charlie and his fathers close friend and ex-partner Jimmy Gallagher, where the staggering truth is laid bare and ghosts from the past return.

The supernatural elements and the darkness contained in these stories are what first attracted me to the darker side of fiction and I have John Connolly to thank for that and some of the outstanding reading experiences to date.

Highly Recommended.