God's War

God's War - Kameron Hurley Excellent world building by the author and certainly a dark, gritty read with hardly any good guys. The main protagonist Nyx chops peoples heads off for a living and she's either captured, getting tortured or killing someone in a befitting manor.
Nyx is not a particularly endearing character but you have to take a keen interest in what she and her crew get up to. Although a fairly short book compared to most these days I zipped through it as it is a riveting read.
The magic / tech in the novel is unique I certainly haven't come across anything similiar. Readers should be forewarned there is a great deal of cursing, sex and violence around. Nyx doesn't care which sex she beds, so long as it helps her accomplish her end goals as a bounty hunter. She lives a brutally unforgiving and godless life, as other characters in the book have said, and makes no apologies for it. Her world and her life choices demand it.. Hurley somehow manages to bring empathy to her plight. In the end, it was evident she was still very much a human being.