The Nemesis List

The Nemesis List - R.J. Frith Good concept & interesting story, felt it could have been longer at just 315 pages. Could have been more character development and would have benefited from being darker & more brutal.
The balance between showing the reader Jeven's abilities so that they know why he is a unique scientific experiment and keeping them hidden so that the reader is kept guessing was definitely misjudged. I wanted to see more of what he can do as his understated powers were different and kept me reading hoping for more.
There are two main characters in the book Jeven and ex soldier Frank Pak, I think Paks character deserved to be explored a lot more as you get virtually no history on him except of his dealings with Jeven.

Final verdict there's certainly a lot more promised than is actually delivered but the ideas on show would certainly have me looked for the follow up.