Rise of the TaiGethan (Elves)

Rise of the TaiGethan (Elves) - James Barclay Another action packed novel about the warrior elf clan the TaiGethen, I thought the second novel of the series better than the first and worth 4.5 stars.
The book could have been called the revenge of the TaiGethen as although they come out of the final battles as victors - their numbers become greatly reduced. Also the novel is told from the view points of both the elves and the human aggressors, giving you a feel of the action from both sides of the fence. There is a large gap of 150 years between this book and the first of the series, and much has changed in this time. You don't really get a feel for what has happened during the time between books and there is a constant introduction of new characters.
That said the chief protagonist Auum, the arch of the TaiGethen is a high energy character who you definitely want to prevail in the fights he undertakes.
My only slight criticism is the book is told entirely in the present and while the action is enthralling, I felt I wanted to know more about Auum and his past. More character exploration was needed, however this doesn't hinder the enjoyment of the book.