Ed Lorn's CRAWL......A wicked dose of humour and terror

Crawl - Edward Lorn

He loved her, or so she thought, why cheat then, well it was presented on a plate and he couldn’t say no. Now he’s got to suffer as Juliet & the Judas Colton embark on a roadtrip to drop her off at her Mothers, time to think.


Things are a little frosty, he begs for forgiveness, pleads for her to rise above it, she responds we don’t need to rise above it, I have to forgive you and then quote –

‘A silence weighing roughly the same as a Sumo wrestler settled upon them’.


Ed Lorn writes some seriously wicked stuff, you’re can’t help being dragged in by Juliet and her pissed off attitude, her sarcasm at the predicament she finds herself in.


His characters are fascinating, serious and more often than not violent situations combined with dry humour, I’m a big fan of this style of writing.


At a rest stop she encounters a priest with the license plate and bumper sticker JXSAVES….I DO NOT and a weird interchange takes place, one that plays on her mind.

Queue, foggy highway and one quite serious crash later, Juliet finds herself captive and in a jaw dropping description she’s strung up on a post with nails embedded in her feet. Woah! WTF didn’t see that one coming, this is nerve shredding and what happens next gives us the title of this stunning novella as the priests advice is ‘Oh, and I suggest you CRAWL’.


But amidst the terror is that humour again, fucking love it ‘God could take a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut in a field full of dandelions fertilized by baby tears for all the fucks given by her.’


Without a shadow of a doubt - Highly Recommended