Gehenna by Jason Brant

Gehenna (West of Hell #1) - Jason Brant

Gehenna is the town, an all-out moaner or zombie infestation is the Hoedown, no dancing though survival is the game for a small group desperate for escape as the horde close in.
This story was around 3 hours on audio and an entertaining actionfest, taking on a here and now philosophy with not much in the way of history/character depth but that’s a small complaint and not really what it’s all about. The narrator didn't really do it for me but that may have something to do with the fact that the last story I listened to was told by the incomparable Will Patton.

The hero is mad dog McCall, a suitable name for a gun slinger on the run from the law and currently situated in jail when things start to go awry. There was a small smattering of mad dog’s history but that was more to prove that he really is a good guy with good intentions.

Karen is the obligatory whore, pretty as a wagon to coin a phrase, with plans and a secret stash to get out of town with, unfortunately she’s left it a touch too late as the living dead flood the town.

I do like horror westerns but I’ve got to say, I’m not a massive lover of zombie fiction. There’s only so many ways you can describe the living dead chewing flesh from some poor souls neck and again how many different ways can you inflict the fatal head injury that’s going to stop one from trying to eat you.