Deceiver by Kelli Owen

Deceiver - Kelli Owen

Deceiver was my first read by Kelli Owen and is another good story from the Darkfuse stable.


Matt is understandably devastated when his wife is murdered on a business trip, on opening her case he discovers a notebook with diary entries and as he reads, his life is turned upside down for a second time, turning his mourning into something completely different.


His wife it seems led a different life when she was away from home and Matt comes to realise that he didn’t know her at all, their relationship was a lie and he’s hurting, furious even.


I won’t give anymore of the plot away except that there is an awesome twist and violent ending, Matt’s emotions are unequivocally laid bare and you can’t help but feel for the guy. If looking for the twists and turns in a story is your thing then chances are you’ll spot this one quite easily, it is a little predictable but overall doesn’t spoil the enjoyment of a well written story.

A 3.5 Rating.