The Ancient Lawman by Ian David Noakes

The Ancient Lawman - Ian David Noakes

I was asked to read The Ancient Lawman by the author for an honest review and after quite enjoying previous read Partners in Crime, I decided to give it a go.


The story takes place in Tinkerhill Falls, starting in 1656 with an executioner who goes against the baying crowds wishes. Back to the present and the stories main protagonist is FBI agent Lucinda Ackerman, who is transporting serial murderer Theodore Stone to the Cressville Penitentiary for his appointment with the electric chair. On route an accident sees Stone escape with an agent as hostage and Lucinda has to attempt a rescue. A rescue attempt akin to Laurel & Hardy’s best efforts, the hostage and bad guy go up in a blaze and Lucinda is left fretting over her failures.


This all takes place in Tinkerhill Falls and something has awakened, a killer that only takes the lives of those who have sinned or anyone else who gets in the way. This Ancient Lawman then busts about town ripping the heads of the guilty while the Sherriff and FBI agent investigate.


I did want to like this but at the end of the day it just wasn't my thing, the book pans out like a low budget horror film, there’s some cringe worthy dialogue and totally out of synch sex scene between Lucinda and the handsome Sheriff that was tantamount to the usual sex scene or excuse to show some flesh in your average B-movie flick.


To coin a line from the book ‘It was like a brutal scene in an over-the-top horror movie’, that describes this perfectly it was more of an initial description of how the film should be made, all action, dodgy dialogue but unfortunately nothing that for me makes a good read.
My apologies to the author, just my personnel opinion.