Review: Darkfuse #2

DarkFuse #2 (DarkFuse Anthology Series) - Group of Authors

The second compilation of short stories produced by Darkfuse contains some seriously dark and creepy tales, my favourite was Nether Goole by Richard Farren Barber, a place no road leads to, a place not easily seen and when the children play, it’s a place you may never return from.


Imago by F. Charles Murdock is the second story and peeks into the unhinged mind of a psychotic young man as he decides to violently take the promises, that in his head, a girl’s body has been giving him, playing games with him.


The Betting Man by Michael A. Pignatella follows the story of Craig who as a kid crosses the carne woman and ends up getting a ticket with the day he dies written on it, on that very day he finds the ticket and in a moment of madness decides to revisit the carnival and proclaim his survival to win the bet. Not a good idea.


Splotch of Red by Samuel Marzioli is about the inquisitive Ellen who on returning from college is asked to house sit a neighbour’s house, it then becomes her mission to obtain entrance to the locked room, with her curiosity burning like a furnace she opens the one thing she really should never have been anywhere near.


Pink Denim by Brady Golden is a story about Connie who takes her father in to live with her, surprised by the mail that’s delivered to him and the screaming nightmares, she ends up back at the family home investigating the impossible.


The final tale is The Eldritch Eye by Tim Curran, Art’s eyesight had been deteriorating and after surgery he knows something’s not right, different even but his eyesight is excellent. Right up until his eyes start seeing things, acting independently of him, is he losing his mind, going crazy or is it something else.