ART by Matt Shaw & Michael Bray

ART - Matt Shaw, Michael Bray

Art is the collaboration between horror authors Matt Shaw & Michael Bray, both take on the first person viewpoint roles of two very different characters, a seriously twisted killer and the detective trying to catch him.


Both roles are superbly written but I think Matt Shaw must have had the most fun as his killer, who likes to present his kills in artistic poses and craves the fame that he believes his work should guarantee. He finds both sexual fulfilment from his macabre work and also at the same time discovers a target that will give him the ultimate end and a place in history.


Both characters are fleshed out nicely the detective who struggles to express his feelings for his wife and worries about the world they’ll be bringing their child up in and the sick mind of a killer who seems to have all the angles covered. A man who puts on a happy face, a mask for when it’s needed and his only hope, that the world is ready for him whilst his biggest fear is that of being ignored. People will remember both the art and the person who created it, it will make him immortal, yep a proper nutcase that only Matt Shaw could create.


Art is an enjoyably sick and twisted ride that can only possibly end in one way and it’s gripping to see how we get there.