Factory Town by Jon Bassoff

Factory Town - Jon Bassoff

First off, I was really looking forward to this, I thought Corrosion was fantastic and recommended it to several friends, even voted for it in the Darkfuse reader’s awards.


First thoughts I had to agree with the surreal voyage bit, only problem, it just got weirder and weirder to the point where 40% in I’d lost all hope and just batted out to the end, which couldn’t come quick enough.


The story follows Russell Carver, seemingly new in Factory Town as he searches for Alana, his daughter, in a town of sin, a town of madness and a town of debauchery. It soon became apparent that this trip involved various random encounters with various random people and a tale that spends more time going sideward, backward, in fact any direction except forward.


The gist of the story is that the city is run by someone called the cowboy, whose edict is too kill all the children, so that this town of scum can die with this generation. You see this town was built by the worst of the worst, the murderers, the rapists and the pedophiles and it must die with them.


There was several Alice in Wonderland moments as Russell whose insomnia ridden fragmented memory chances upon a woman he recognises, turns out be his wife and they meet on top of a building as a bunch of people commit mass suicide by hurling themselves off it. They then crawl through a crack in the wall and come out in, wait for it, suburbia, back to his street and his house. I was seriously lost at this point.


Another one was when he eventually gets inside the main factory of Factory Town, hot on the trail of Alana and discovers a passage in the depths of the place, he descends a ladder that goes on forever and comes out in a valley where the sun is just rising. I thought I was losing my sanity never mind the bloke in the story.


There’s loads more of that sort of stuff as Carver flits back to his childhood and gets drilled through the head along the way but sorry to say, at the end of the day this story was just too weird and totally mad. I was massively disappointed and still feel quite strongly about it now.


This is my personnel opinion and reflects the feelings I had as I got further into the story.


I received Factory Town from Darkfuse & Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that’s what you’ve got.