The Customer Is Always ... by Stuart Keane

The Customer Is Always... - Stuart Keane

At just 68 pages The Customer Is Always… packs a punch akin to a brutal right hand from George Foreman in his heyday. This is a story you will read in one sitting, it’s impossible not to, a seriously gripping read that ramps up the tension almost immediately and leaves you a little bit unsure of who to root for at times.


On one hand we have Alan Pierce whose car insurance was prematurely finished early and of course he’s involved in a serious car accident with fatalities involved. Disgruntled customer might be one of the biggest understatements you’ll ever hear as Mr Pierce takes it all very personally indeed.


On the other hand there’s Vincent, he works at the call centre for the insurance company and his day, along with quite a few other peoples is about to be more than ruined, it’s going to be completely shattered in devastating fashion.


All starting when Mr Pierce, policy number 6321142B rings up and in a calm voice asks to know why his policy was cancelled, things don’t remain calm for much longer, I assure you.


A 4.5 Rating.