Batman vs Superman

Both Superheroes but who's the toughest


Holy heart failure, Batman! Could he be the one




Come on, Robin, to the Bat Cave! There's not a moment to lose!


Just gotta get rid of this shark hanging on my leg.



The shark episode was an absolute classic but Batman s biggest weakness is he can't fly



But he can usually get rid of any exploding device thrown at him.



Unless there's ducks in water of course.



He can scale buildings in a much funnier way than Spiderman ever could.



And runaway just as efficiently



Hard as Nail, Batman, Gotham needs you, To the Batmobile lets go



And so onto Superman, a real Superhero with real powers and a wicked kick



That's got to hurt and with a nasty case of bad breath, always remember to brush those teeth.



Sometimes he loses his powers, that's the problem with fancy powers



What ya gonna do now


Seriously though who can prevail 



Or maybe Spiderman should just whip every bodies Ass



And finally Robin hand me the shark repellent spray