Tortured by Matt Shaw

TORTURED - Matt Shaw

Tortured follows the story of Ryan, his wife Dee and their two children as an enforced move sees them downsizing and settling into a new property.


A that start of each chapter we are introduced to the crazed serial killer, who kidnaps his victims and tortures them to an extremely drawn out and painful death before dumping the bodies where they can be found. Our killer’s idol is Arthur the killer with artistic tendency’s from the novel ART the collaboration between Matt & Michael Bray and a nice link up between stories.


Our killer describes his love of using pliers to pull his victims finger nails off and the screams that fill his heart with joy, thriving on their reactions, their initial expectations and the final realization that nobodies coming to help.


The perfect example of when not to use a gif, so here it is. 



Ryan and his family get to know their neighbours, both sides have quite worrying elements and this is where the guessing game starts, which one is the killer, okay it’s never the obvious one and I look forward to out-thinking the twist that I know is going to come. And … yep failed again, every time it seems, Matt Shaw is a step ahead and that’s the enjoyable part.


The best part, apart from the twist, was the vigilante neighbours who it seems are only a step away from crossing the line into the territory of the killer that they are so desperate to catch.


Another cracking tale from Matt Shaw.