Rotting Dead Fucks by Matt Shaw

Rotting Dead F*cks - Matt Shaw

Some call them the Walking Dead, others call them Zombie’s, Ted, now he’s of the slightly sick and twisted variety and prefers Rotting Dead Fucks, more of an impact and even a small chuckle you see, when you use the words ‘Rotting Dead Fucks’ and the words ‘lots of’ in one sentence, along with a scream.


Rotting Dead Fucks just rolls off the tongue, the more you say it, the more you’ll use it and if that’s not the best name for a book I’ve ever heard, then maybe I need my head examining.


First chapter to Rotting Dead Fucks (can’t stop saying it now) takes us to the end of the story and Ted just about to do something, well he’s hearing voices and they are influencing his actions somewhat and he’s just about to Fuck, yes proper Fuck, a Rotting Dead Fuck (ok think it’s out of my system now).


We then go back to the start of the outbreak and Michael with his daughter travelling to school, traffic stops and things are happening in the distance, it’s getting closer and people are attacking other people, they’re biting them, eating them and everything just goes mental. Michael does an about turn and heads for home with immediate plans to get out of the city.


The infection and the speed it took for the victim to change reminded me of World War Z, this passage described it perfectly –

‘An agonised expression on his face; twisted and tormented as though he was desperately trying to fight the infection killing his body as it surged through his bloodstream. And then the man went still - Deadly still - Stood bolt-upright. A second or two later and he moved again – jarred movements.’


Dr Platt is with a patient, a particularly worrying patient named Ted, he tells of his fantasies, his anger issues and he’s definitely one sick dude. Ted, however might just be the best person to cope with what’s about to erupt in this city and he’s the character who provides the laughs, the violence, he’s the character you sort of want to hear more about even though you know you shouldn’t.


The final character is Dr Platt herself and we see what happens when the infected reach her doorstep, the argument’s within the group as they turn on each other and when it comes down to it, escape is the only option left to them.


It’s intriguing to see how these characters cope with the outbreak and you just know they’re all going to meet at some point and it’s not going to be pretty.


Rotting Dead Fucks is another of the ‘extreme horror’ series that is now a definite must read, the next is out in October called Psychopath For Hire and I can’t wait. If you’ve not read any of these then what are you waiting for.