My Recent Book Arrivals

This has got to be one of the sweetest hauls that's arrived for a long time.



Really Nice Bryan Smith Bitter Ale Series from Thunderstorm Books



And finally a little paperback treat from the Lornmeister, thanks Ed.



Scott Smith - A Simple Plan from Cemetery Dance SGN HC

Michael McBride - Fearful Symmetry from Thunderstorm SGN HC

Edward Lorn - What the Darkness Brings SGN & Inscribed PB

Tim Curran - Sow from Deirium books SGN mini HC

McBride & Rasmussen - Infinity Twice Removed from Deirium books SGN mini HC

Bryan Smith - 68 Kill, Depraved 2, Killing Kind 2 & Blood & Whiskey from Thunderstorm (these are lovely books)

James Lee Burke - Pegasus Descending & The Tin Roof Blowdown HC