The Dead: Kingdom of Flies (Graphic novel review)


The Dead: Kingdom of Flies is the perfect example of why I hate the majority of anything Zombie related except the Walking Dead because of the awesome characters or something really heavily character based with a decent bit of violence in there, goes without saying.


My issue with Zombies, I've seen it all a million times before there’s only one way to kill a zombie and that’s with a head shot, decapitation etc, etc. Yawn.


This story centres around a group of fire-fighters camped out in their Fire Station, queue, plenty of axe action whenever the zombies are out and …. Yeah you get the drift.


They make supplies runs in the day and when the night falls, the zombies come out. These must be vampire zombies but that just didn't sit right for me along with the female tough as nails fire fighter who gets her top pulled down while fighting the zombie horde. Getting her ample bosom out was almost a prerequisite, one that you can see from more than a few miles away, it felt cheap even though it’s supposedly tongue in cheek.



The Artwork didn't impress me one bit, although some of the zombies looked cool but when one of them mutated into something out of resident evil, well I’d pretty much had my fill by then.



Why did I read it then, well it’s been sitting on the shelf for a long time now and it was a quick read, and turned out to be an opportunity for a quick rant.

Job Done.


1 lonesome star rating