Seed by Matt Shaw

Seed - Matt Shaw

Seed by Matt Shaw Seed is another top draw psychological horror and I was so caught up in the twists and turns of an exceptionally clever plot that this is definitely up there with my favourites.


I won't give too much of the plot away, just a taster but seriously this is well worth a couple of hours of your time.


 Mark And Becky have troubles in their marriage, he's under pressure at work and worried that his wife is becoming distant, she's about to drop a bombshell that's going to potentially blow their lives apart. She's been raped and has suffered in silence for weeks, he's completely devastated, sporting a myriad of dire feelings and thoughts. With revenge featuring heavily on his list of priorities.


Matt Shaw cleverly uses numerous plot twists and nightmares to play with your emotions taking the story down one path only to cruelly wrench you back by the shirt collar just as you start to roll with the new impetus.


We also have the comeback king, detective Andrews who we last saw suffering unspeakable loss at the hands of the creative killer Art. This case is going to take him to the edge, past it.


Once again I never saw the twist in this one, extremely clever plot, right from the start and I can only recommend this very highly. I also read The 8th just before Seed and I’ve got to say both are compelling and substantial pieces of dark fiction.