The 8th by Matt Shaw

The 8th - Matt Shaw

The 8th is particularly compelling piece of fiction by Matt Shaw and I guarantee this will tug on various emotions within everyone.


If you’ve any experience with bullying be it as the victim or the instigator, this will bring all those memories back, painful for some, shame for others. Personally I was fortunate enough to avoid the vast majority of it during my school life but for others, those that were not or are not as lucky it can shape you for the rest of your life, some rise above it and unfortunately some fall under it, never to hold their head up again.


This is the riveting story of one such boy, beaten up by the bullies and made a fool of by the outrageous actions of one girl who along with the bullies films him in a degrading & compromising position. All until the day he goes into school with a gun, don’t worry it’s not that simple, I can see you thinking massacre, this is a hell of a lot more than that.


This is a lesson just for the persecutors, even the teacher, who ignored, who abused her position simply by doing nothing and whose chief teaching component was intimidation.


Another Matt Shaw read that I highly recommend.