The Exiled by William Meikle

The Exiled - William Meikle

The Exiled is one of those books that I still can’t decide whether I liked it or not, some bits were good and some parts left me thinking, Woah just a minute I’m not much for that.


Started off quite well in the supernatural thriller vein, young girls missing and the remains of rare black swans found at each crime scene. John Grainger is investigating but seemingly a step ahead of the police is junior reporter Alan Grainger, brother of the grizzled detective.


The assailant seemingly vanishes into free air with his victim, leaving behind a blood soaked crime scene where the worst is feared immediately. The investigation leads out to Loch Leven and an alternate reality that has the brothers running from the law and something far worse.


Ok I was intrigued so far, characters were good but the Wizard of Oz moment that took us into an alternate reality controlled by a giant black swan, referred to in the story as a Cobbe, which is a male swan, anyway it sort of went downhill for me after that. You see where I come from a cob is a bread based appendage that usually holds bacon & egg and every time it was mentioned, that’s where my thoughts went, dumb I know but that’s me.


I could never truly get invested in the story and the ending went a little too action movieish for my liking, like a one bullet left, got to blow up the gas canister in the sharks mouth or we're dead scenario.


I’ve read a few by William Meikle and thoroughly enjoyed them but I guess this one just wasn’t for me.