Vector Borne by Michael McBride

Vector Borne - Michael McBride

Michael McBride is the master at building tension, each chapter is another turn of the screw, continually amplifying that feeling of latent hostility, nervousness and awareness of being stalked, imminent conflict from every conceivable angle.


I listened to the audio version of Vector Borne and was dragged in to the point of walking extra miles just to get further into the story, searching for a point where the unease relented but it just never came, the pace never subsided and it was nerve shredding at times.


Vector Borne starts off in multiple locations throughout the world as startling discoveries are made, discoveries that could explain the rapid demise of cultures all over the world. Mysteries that have plagued and haunted for decades, lifetimes of wonder.


A team of divers are collecting samples on the sea bed at the Pacific Ring of Fire when the first tremors of an earthquake strike and a frantic journey back to the ship ensues before disaster strikes in the form of a vicious tsunami. All but a few are dead and out of the wreckage climbs a predator the likes of which mankind has not seen before. Who would have thought Mother Nature could produce something with such purpose, only one thing on its mind, one thing coursing through its veins, the desire to kill, the only way it can possibly survive.


The rescue ship arrives and amongst them are men with a lot more on their minds than saving people, these men are searching for something and they’ll do just about anything to keep their secrets as one tiny island turns into a hunting ground.  


I thoroughly enjoyed Vector Borne and decided on 4.5* simply because the main female character annoyed me at times and it didn’t seem the right place for a blossoming relationship.


The audio version of Vector Borne was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review and that is what you have.