Infinity Twice Removed by Michael McBride & William C Rasmussen

Infinity Twice Removed - Michael McBride, William C. Rasmussen

Michael McBride writes some wonderfully taut thrillers laden with suspense and unnerving feelings of dread. Infinity Twice Removed is my fifth read from McB in the last month and my 11th in total, thankfully he’s got quite a few more to go at yet so I’ll be occupied for some time yet with his back catalogue.


This one is co-written by William Rasmussen and is somewhat different to his usual style. Malcom Jeffers, a navy seal on tour is recalled when his wife and son are slain by a serial killer known as the ‘Infinity killer’. Jeffers joins the hunt and it becomes his mission in life to avenge his loved ones.


He finally tracks the killer down and gets his revenge, only for the murders to resume some twenty years later and he finds himself on the hunt once more.


There are two POV characters in Jeffers & the son of the killer and we flit back and forth through time as the son grows up and enlists. There’s no surprises here as the killer can only be one person and the emphasis is on what drives him to follow in his Father’s footsteps and the eventual outcome as Jeffers confronts his quarry.


I’m guessing the two authors took the different roles of killer and hunter, which was which I couldn’t say but in conclusion the story is well written, just nothing special.