Control by Matt Shaw

Control - Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw has over the past couple of month’s become one of those must read immediately authors, every time he releases something new it gets a pass to the top echelons of my to-be-read list. As I slowly make my through his extensive back catalogue I have to say how impressed I am with how clever some of his stories are, hiding behind this extreme horror tag.


Control is Big Brother with an extraordinary twist, the contestants at first go through a lengthy interview process with some short listed from their video applications alone. Until it’s whittled down to 12 lucky contenders for the £100,000 top prize.


The producers said things would be twisted, they warned them all before they committed and signed on the dotted line. No one really had a clue what they meant but the emphasis was always on ‘how far would you go to win the prize’.


And it was all going well until one of them was called into the control room and instructed to pour a vial of liquid onto one of the contestant’s food. Within minutes he was dead and things would never be the same for any of them, ever again. As Control injects distrust and suspicion into an already fragile atmosphere, where something is sure to break.


So let the games commence, only one can win and only one it seems can walk out alive.


The story bounces back and forth from past to present, exploring the entrant’s stories and analysing each of them to find out who has got what it takes, that inner resolve to survive the deadly game.


Another cracking story from Matt Shaw, I think this is possibly the first out of the dozen of his books I’ve read, that I actually guessed how it was going to pan out. There was however a surprise right at the end as the walls of sanity truly came crashing down.