Blindspot by Michael McBride

Blindspot: A Novella (Novella Series) - Michael McBride

Dr Parker Ramsey works at the Army Bioengineering Research & Development Lab, his area of expertise, his cutting edge invention or program is about to be  ramped up way past testing on lab rats and the like, when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea defy the United Nations ban on nuclear testing.


Ramsey finds himself on route with a task force to investigate, with the understanding that the North Korean leader would sooner risk a war that could lead to the annihilation of his country than allow their secrets to come out.


Under deep cover the team approach ground zero and come across a decimated refugee camp, over a hundred dead, a killing field with the non-combatants ripped apart by what appears to be animal attacks. This is where Ramsey has been bought, to work his magic, to pull the dying image, the very last thing each person saw before their violent deaths, right from their very eyes.


Only then do they realise, amidst the blindspot of the eye, something bred of immense violence is alive and hunting in this forest, an unprecedented killer and it’s on the path of their ultimate destination.


Tension builds rapidly from this point, nail-biting and heart pounding tension as the surroundings become unnaturally quiet, even the wind it seems, holds its breath and waits.


Another rip-roaring novella from Michael McBride, Recommended.

A 4.5* rating.