The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand - Stephen King

Why did it seem I was the only person not to have read Stephen King’s The Stand, at the moment I feel like kicking myself because my excuse does seem a crap one. When I look back through the stuff I’ve read it becomes apparent that I’ve always tied myself to a genre and never strayed far from it, I read the Dark Tower series years ago because fantasy was my thing and then although I loved it I just never revisited The King. Now as my tastes have deviated once more, I’ve discovered Stephen King again and wish that I’d never turned my back on the man, and it turned out to be a mistake of mammoth proportions.


So the past three months I’ve slowly been bought over to the Kingside and The Stand is another step along the way, only what a fucking step, this book is awesome, all 1320 pages of it and I devoured it like a man possessed in 11 days.


I won’t review it as such because, well everyone else has read it but I will say what I loved about The Stand in a sort of hero worshipping fashion.


The characters were all compelling and enslaving in their own way, I loved how Fran could be reduced to uncontrollable giggles in the most serious of situations, the development of Harold & Nadine as dreams of the walking dude finally come to bare, epitomizing the evil and dragging them into a web of deceit and Nick, man I shed a tear when he bought it, absolutely gutted.


Stephen King certainly puts your emotions through the wringer killing off main characters with wanton abandon.


I loved how Kojack travelled thousands of miles to get back to his master and what an important part he played in the run in, the Trashcan man was another favorite, dressed in a suit of madness and with a quote that just goes




‘That was another one of the tanks, and the air resistance in front of him seemed to disappear and a large warm hand pushed him firmly from behind, a hand that fitted every contour of his body from heels to head; it shoved him forward with his toes barely touching the road, and now his face bore the terrified, pants-wetting grin of someone who has been attached to the world’s biggest kite in a high cap of wind and let loose to fly, fly, baby, up into the sky until the wind goes somewhere else, leaving him to scream all the way down in a helpless power-dive.’


Quality, too many quotes, too little time.


Tom Cullen, Larry and Stu, loved them all.


I give The Stand 6 stars and it now sits proudly atop my best reads pile, absolutely fucking awesome and I’ll be sticking with the King for the foreseeable future,