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Keys to maintaining your car



Vehicle maintenance is a priority so that the life of the vehicle is extended. But from day to day, you may miss some of the items that need to be checked regularly. Therefore, we will show you some tips that you should not forget when you touch the maintenance of your car. To know more, check out: trevobuilder.com


A basic guide to the maintenance of your car


Don't wait to maintain a vehicle when signs tell you it needs it. Prevention is not only useful in medicine, but also in the automotive branch. Just as preventive health measures can extend a person's life, preventive maintenance of your car can extend its life.


Maintenance to prevent damage


At this stage of the maintenance of your vehicle you can implement routine measures to avoid future breakdowns. Making a periodic assessment of the state of your vehicle can save you money, and finally your safety will be guaranteed.


During the evaluations corresponding to the vehicle damage prevention maintenance, the following tasks will be carried out.


Oil changes


The oil in a car should be changed at least twice during the year. However, you should consider what parameters the auto company recommends to make this change.


Experts recommend that the oil change is not extended over the 20 thousand kilometers traveled. In addition, they advise changing the filter for a new one, along with cleaning the rest of the parts.


Do not use any oil but a quality one; this way you will save on maintenance. This change should be left to an expert, if you are not an expert on the subject. What you do have is to check weekly how the oil level is, and top up if necessary.


Vehicle filter changes


These structures are responsible for preventing the access of impurities to the parts of an engine. Oil filters must be replaced when changing the oil. For its part, the air filter for the engine must be checked annually. The replacement of the latter will depend on the deterioration caused by road dust.


After 60,000 kilometers or every four years, the engine fuel filter can be changed. Doing so will prevent damage to the pump and fuel injectors.




Checking the car brakes


Failure of the brakes while driving can lead to serious accidents. Every driver should make sure before leaving that their brakes are working properly. One cause of brake failure is lack of brake fluid. Now, it is not enough to replace the missing oil, you also have to check for wear on the structures that make up the brake system.


The brake pads must be evaluated at a mileage of 10,000, and the change will be made when the thickness is 2 millimeters or less. The same applies to discs, which must be replaced when their recommended thickness decreases.


Assessment of car wheels


Some vehicle structures are displayed on the tires of a vehicle that will indicate their progress and wear. Even when a wheel does not exceed the wear limit, it can still be unsafe while driving. Hence the advice is not to allow the tire to reach the limits allowed for wear. It is better to change it in time and avoid landslides in dangerous areas.


Shock proof


Shock absorbers should be evaluated with a four-year period between each revision. These structures are responsible for supporting the weight of the car and withstand the imperfections of the terrain. They also help improve the steering of the car and provide it with stability.


To check that the dampers are in order, apply pressure to the ends of the vehicle. If there are no rebounds, but the movement is stable and slow, your dampers are in order. Otherwise, you should change these shock absorbers as soon as possible.

Checking the lights


The lights of the vehicle also require revision, because as time passes, they lose the ability to adequately illuminate. Those who manufacture these bulbs assure that in a year 20% of the lighting capacity is lost. Therefore, you should change these lights once a year.