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10 buzzwords that a good traveler should know



If you want to be considered an expert traveler, it is not enough to have traveled the world, had contact with indigenous peoples, walked through the desert or trekked in the jungle. No. You must also add to your vocabulary these 10 new words, many of them in English, of course. Do you take a look at them and check your level as a “traveler”?




With this English term the traveler par excellence is called, the one who carries his backpack and moves with the intention of discovering the world. They are usually young and determined people who plan to travel to imbue themselves with what is happening on the streets. They opt for low cost transport and accommodation, where they can meet other tourists with whom they can share experiences and recommendations. What do you usually save when traveling?




Ideal to get to know in depth the inhabitants of a place and their customs. The word couch surfing comes to mean something like: "looking for a sofa". It means that people make available to the tourist who decides to travel to their city a sofa, a bed, a menu or even a coffee. And all for free!




The Spanish translation would be "take a forest bath." And, this Japanese word refers to the healthy practice of being in direct contact with nature and breathing fresh air. If we spend a day hiking in the countryside (hopefully the picnic is covered) or if we go hiking, we would be giving ourselves a shinrin-yoku session.




From the German w ander, which means to wander and lust, obsession, desire. Wanderlust synthesizes in a single term the syndrome of the strong drive to travel and explore the world.


Home Swap


It occurs when two families decide to exchange their houses selflessly, without paying each other. A method to stay more and more extended and present in many digital platforms where guests can get in touch to organize their trip. It is also an exceptional way to get in touch with new countries and cultures.






It is practiced by tourists who pay attention to the impact that the trip can have on the environment.  An ecotourist chooses fewer polluting means of transport, sustainable accommodation and activities that are respectful of the local population. And you, do you usually plan your trip according to ecotourism criteria?


Frequent Flyer


Who would not like to be? This type of traveler often uses the plane to get around, so they have access to numerous discounts and promotions from airlines. Are you one of those?


RTW (Round-The-World ticket)


Do you dream of going around the world? With the RTW ticket you can do it. It allows you to reserve a variable number of airline tickets for a long trip across the five continents under truly advantageous economic conditions. What destinations would you choose if you had an RTW ticket right now in your hands?




Wayfarer means pedestrian and is a term that gives name to the fashion of making trips and displacements with calm, enjoying the landscape, on foot, without means of transport. You dare?




The electronic ticket is the digital version of the classic paper ticket. We can have it on the mobile as an image, QR code, document or attached to an SMS or email. This type of ticket could be an option for those who want to collaborate with the environment.

Maybe you did not know the name it received but surely you already practiced one of these ways of traveling. For further info, Click here