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Names Paul Nelson, I'm a massive reader of dark fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller. I also review for website Shelfinflicted and for Scream Horror Magazine and Website


Favourite authors include John Connolly, Lee Thompson, Ed Lorn, Craig Saunders, Joe Hill, Kealan Patrick Burke, Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Michael McBride, James Newman & Stephen King. Just to name a few.


I also collect Signed first editions, wish I'd got more money, there's so many books I want and there needs to be more hours in the day.

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The Bottoms by Joe R. Lansdale

The Bottoms - Joe R. Lansdale

The Bottoms by Joe Lansdale is a rousing atmospheric murder mystery with an abundance and it has to said, more than its fair share of tension and thought provoking issue. The Bottoms won the Edgar award in 2000 and is definitely a book that will stay resolutely in your thoughts long after you've finished.


The story is an unforgiving coming of age tale for eleven year old Harry Crane set in the 1930's who along with his younger sister discover the tortured body of a dead woman in the Bottoms of small East Texas town, Marvel Creek.


'In that moment, something else changed for me. I realized that a person could truly die. Daddy and Mama could die. I could die. We would all someday die. Something went hollow inside me, shifted, found a place to lie down and be still, if not entirely in comfort.'


Harry's father is the town constable and he begins an investigation that delves deeply into the racial divide prevalent in the era, nearly breaking him in the process. Caught smack bang in the middle are the two children who insert themselves into the forefront of proceedings as the murders increase and the town seek justice.


The characters virtually leap from the page and sit snugly on your shoulder whispering their intent, leaving an impression of the story permanently etched in your mind. Eliciting disbelief at attitudes, questioning morality and leaving you firmly rooting for a family that face exorbitant trials and tribulations.


There's even some of the Lansdale humour littered sparingly within, some anxious store-bought teeth.


'Once in a while be wore store-bought teeth, but they clicked and clacked and slid around when he talked, as if they might have some place to go and were anxious to get there.'


The Bottoms is a delightful story that brings back fond memories of classic stories such as To Kill a Mocking and McCammons Boy's Life while still remaining unique and quite gripping in its own way. The characterization and the feelings inspired by this story are simply breathtaking at times, perfectly highlighting how times have changed. I did guess the killers identity from the various suspects tossed into the mix but it didn't detract from a wonderful story that deserves to be appreciated by all.

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Black Lung by Joshua Dobson

Black Lung - Joshua Dobson

Black Lung by Joshua Dobson is a short erotic horror story from Comet Press and their Sex Files series. Comet Press have released some excellent titles such as Barbie Wilde's Venus Complex and a few Adam Howe stories, this was my first read from this author.


Gretchen arrives at the bus station of somewhere unknown, filled with the dregs of society, she's picked up by Spike the muscular female bodyguard and a gorgeous older woman of the supermodel socialite variety.


She's then taken to some overbearing digs where Gretchen knows exactly what's expected of her, its sex followed by party time followed by a bit more sex and a sprinkling of blood with the odd removal of specific body parts (mainly anything that moves).


There's some typical bloke writing erotica phraseology going on before we enter the horror section, stuff like 'Gretchen’s ample tit-meat' and 'meaty D cups'. There's lots of cringe worthy sex descriptions which stick in the mind, one of the most memorable being.


'her tongue paints an abstract impressionist masterpiece on Gretchen’s c**t.'


Wish my tongue could paint an abstract impressionist masterpiece, I’m gonna nip off and see what I can do ….. The horror kicks in over the last 10 pages and rescues things slightly but there's just not enough of it and its over far too quickly. Nice front cover though.

After the Fog Clears by Lee Thompson

After The Fog Clears - Lee  Thompson

'You have to do what is uncomfortable to go anywhere worthwhile…'


After the Fog Clears is a harrowing tale of loss, betrayal and destructive madness all packed tightly into an emotional kaleidoscope.


After receiving a frightening call from his Nan, Luther Anderson rushes home through the deep fog and early morning stillness, speeding, his blood screaming he narrowly avoids a young child unwittingly playing at the roadside. Not quite as lucky is the Saginaw police officer Nathan Hazzard chasing Luther, he loved the chase but the fog was dense and he didn't see the child until it was too late.


'Listen to the squawk of a radio so you don’t have to hear the unrestrained volume of a torn-apart heart. Close your eyes so you can’t see a stricken mother outliving her little one; a woman who wishes she could follow him, to protect him, to never fail him again. Whisper to yourself, and to her, and to the thing she holds: Eventually the fog will burn away…'


This single act, the death of a child, sets off a devastating chain of events for all concerned, the cracks and obstacles blighting the paths of these characters are ruinously explored amidst deceit, disloyalty and ultimately, death.


Lee Thompson is adept at portraying flawed characters and their destructive actions, this story is certainly shrouded in darkness. It's difficult to see any goodness for the main part and there's no light at the end of this tunnel. The ending could have been handled differently in my opinion, for the half dozen characters this story revolves around to all come together in the same place was way too convenient. It didn't however ruin my overall enjoyment of the fluid writing and desperate characters.

Mama's Boy by Jon Griffin

Mama's Boy - Jon Griffin

Mama's Boy is an intriguingly creepy psychological horror short story by Jon Griffin, Donna Black's not feeling too hot for a number of reasons. A mother-in-law from hell coupled with a husband who wears blinkers where her behaviour is concerned and a rather scary clown doll that does a lot more than just sit on the mantelpiece, all toy with a fraught sanity just about to snap.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline - Neil Gaiman

'Darker shadows slipped through the shadows at the edges of things.'


I listened to the audio of Coraline narrated by the fantastic Dawn French and once again I was blown away by a deeply absorbing children's horrorish tale.


Coraline, not Caroline as all the neighbours fail to comprehend is an intrepid explorer, a hobby that's generally down to being ignored by her parents. And top of the list of things to explore: the mysterious door in her home, the one that leads absolutely nowhere. Until, one day, it leads somewhere, somewhere magical, straight out of a kid’s nightmare.


'She had the feeling that the door was looking back at her, which she knew was silly, and knew on a deeper level was somehow true.'


A world of someone's making, exactly like her own, almost. A world of darkest danger, where she lost everything, lost her parents and with a little help managed to find them again. But until then she had to make do with the Other Mother, the one who wanted to love and keep her forever, as a possession.


'Coraline shivered. She preferred the other mother to have a location: if she were nowhere, then she could be anywhere. And, after all, it is always easier to be afraid of something you cannot see.'


The audio is a great way for a first introduction to this story, I also flicked through the 10th anniversary edition with some wonderfully dark illustrations by Chris Riddell. As I've stated previously I love Gaimans prose, the quote at the top is another good example of how his simple yet imaginative style just stands out in delightfully spellbinding fashion.


'She had a show of unconcernedness, but her fingers twitched and drummed and she licked her lips with her scarlet tongue.'


Enchanting, bewitching and simply charming, just about says it.

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