The Preacher,vol 1 by Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis

Preacher: Gone To Texas - Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

I may be a little late jumping on the Preacher bandwagon but thankfully I'm on it and this is yet another one I should have read a long, long time ago.


Jesse Custer is our faithless priest who gets possessed by Genesis, the powerful offspring of a forbidden relationship between Angel and Demon. So the story takes place mainly on terra firma with interludes to heaven, where the powers that be don't really want Genesis around, too dangerous and too powerful. So they send the mean old saint of killers down to take out our hero.


Jesse is a pretty cool character and tagging along we have his ex-girlfriend Tulip who didn't really push any buttons for me and the vampire Cassiday who was a little more interesting in typically violent blood sucking fashion.


The artwork was ok, the story was the clincher for me, ending in our three heroes setting out to find the one and only, God, who has forsaken mankind and is apparently wandering about somewhere after acquiring a suitable disguise. So that's the endgame find the all-powerful, who probably doesn't want to be found, so let's get on it. And I've found God by the way, he's on Twitter and often professes words of wisdom for us mere mortals.


Next up The Boys & 100 Bullets, can’t wait.